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Hello, and welcome to Emma May

Emma May is an Independent Women’s Fashion Boutique, with branches in Draycott and Wirksworth in Derbyshire.

We specialise in the Made in Italy brand of clothing, which fits perfectly with our strapline “Fashion with Freedom”. A place where all clothes are free from a size. No body hugging, tight waists, cleavage popping, body skimming items here. Its all comfortable & sourced to help people like us look fabulous, without having to breath in all day!

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Emma 2022

About Emma

As you might have guessed, I’m the Emma of Emma May.

It really is my name above the door as May is my middle name. I’m quite sure my parents had no inkling when they set about choosing a name for me that one day I would use it to launch my own business!

I’m extremely proud of Emma May and all that we have achieved, and I am very lucky to have an amazing team behind me.

Emma May was born because of a series of dramatic and life changing events in my life.

For 14 years I worked for the Emergency Services in a role that I loved. However, in October 2012 my life suddenly and completely changed. I found myself involved in a very serious car accident, which left me with life changing injuries. I eventually managed to get back to work but things had really changed for me.

Unsurprisingly, due to the traumatic nature of my work and then my own car accident, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I’ve always battled on through, but after some intense Talking Therapies and specific treatment for PTSD I feel I have managed to come out the other side, and I can now say that I’m managing my mental health really well, or as well as you can do with PTSD.

One of the reasons for managing my mental health is my gorgeous fur baby Mabel. She is a black Cavapoo and I got her to specifically to help with the everyday challenges that my PTSD throws at me.  She gets me up in the morning, she makes me smile, but most of all she has healed some of the wounds that were left after my accident. She’s made my heart sing again. Mabel comes everywhere with me including the shop. She is as soft as anything, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t shed, so she’s perfect as a shop dog. If you like dogs, she’ll be happy to welcome you if you pop in for a visit.

In 2018 my department was about to go through a restructure and Redundancy was offered, and with everything that I’d gone through, I decided I was ready for a complete lifestyle and career change. I finished there in March 2018, and by the April I had started to work on my “little” idea.

Emma May soon became a reality. I started by selling my clothes from my home to friends and family. The Made in Italy Brand was flying out of the door as nobody had really come across it before and I began to see that this had a lot of potential.

So, when I saw a shop in Draycott become available I just decided to risk everything and go for it.

Emma May opened its doors on 21st June 2018 and I’ve not looked back.

I hope you enjoy your look around our site, and if you happen to be passing through Draycott or Wirksworth,
pop in and say hello!

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